Monday, 23 December 2013


In this era, decision-making processes leading to a plan of action which directs to the hiring of any personnel or their dismissal must be carried out in keeping with an authorized way of code of conduct. Considerable efforts have been made by society in recent years towards eradicate workplace problems, whatever be the situations, such as quality issues or fail to meet the deadlines, internal bandwidth or conflicts, wasting of money and interest. Every subordinates and superiors are strongly encouraged and required to resolve any conflicts with discretion, honesty and respect.
There are few examples like appropriate using of the terminology contained in the approved glossary of management values and ethics which was prepared from terminological information gathering from prior authorized linguists who have sufficient knowledge to express, judge and prove their values and ethics which helps us to overcome from any of the situations.

Along with a number of definitions and observations, the terminological content on management values reflects new trends being adopted by everyone from client to linguists, so that we can serve the quality products to the market with valuable and effective worth. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the ethics of translation and our role and responsibilities as a professional translator or supporter; it may happen that your thoughts and views will clear reading this article. It has been observed that the ideas can be developed fully and should be acceptable and adjustable in any environment also to solve the problem with immediacy and spontaneity over fragmentation and simplification.

We need to develop the intercultural communications with our clients, without judgment, and as a linguists, we have to strictly follow the professionalism grounds to decide that a text, however controversial its content and provided it doesn’t break any law, should not be translated. Its our duty towards both potential clients and the recipients of our translations. As an individual, however, we have to choose or create certain morals, principles and independent opinions, which can make us very comfortable to handle with any problematic situations with a particular subject and lead to a schizophrenic conflict with alter ego, as a professional translator.
Act of translation, with the help of tools such as glossaries, style guides, toolkits and reference material, creates a process and decorum for any translator to localize any content of a document: they are act as arms for any translators or linguists.

Whether you are in dilemma or not, its your responsibility to adopt what decision would you have take, so that a better and convenient way will come out.

-Arnab Bhattacharjee

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